Purpose of a Corporation: The New Opportunity

On August 19, 2019 the globally influential US Business Roundtable released the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation.   

This document challenges the long-held boardroom position, espoused by Milton Friedman, of shareholder primacy over all other stakeholders. 

Whether you align with Friedman’s position or not, the fact is a seismic philosophical shift has occurred that has resulted in 181 of the biggest corporations in the world, such as American Express, FoxCorp and BlackRock, disagreeing with him…and now seeing their role in the world differently.

History tells us that there will be an impact from change this BIG.  Future relevance can’t be assured through continuing business as usual.  An opening has appeared and through it will emerge those that adapt. It will create the new Atlassians, Amazons and Roches.  And it will reveal those unable to evolve to meet changing needs; just like the Nokias, Blackberrys and Kodaks. 

Which side of that fence will you choose to be on?  Because you do get to choose.  The choices are all around you and this experience will help you see them.

The program

Who is it designed for

What will you explore

It’s a day-long deep dive into the opportunities that a purpose led strategy presents to a leadership team to differentiate and engage in a unique way with their team and customers.

Just as an exercise alone, it creates a new platform from which leaders can view their existing business strategy, challenge the assumptions of their BAU and make decisions to evolve.

What better way to establish your vision.

  • Leadership teams wanting to challenge the status quo of their strategy and operations
  • Leadership teams wishing to respond to the US Business Roundtable challenge 
  • Leadership teams looking for deeper team and customer engagement and retention
  • Leadership teams seeking enduring market differentiation
  • Leadership teams exploring the social and environmental sustainability of their businesses
  • Understanding the strategic application of organisational purpose
  • Personal purpose as a driver of team commitment in an organisation’s ecosystem
  • Conscious leadership principals and application; why your leadership is everything
  • Case studies of successful and unsuccessful commercial application of purpose methodologies
  • Practical exploration of the opportunities and challenges in your business

A bespoke briefing

Program outcomes

This program allows a response to a specific leadership team brief.  Your strategic challenge can be at the centre of the day’s work and outputs.

  • You will understand where your strategic intentions can be amplified through your purpose and values
  • You will have begun to explore where you as leaders are driving or impeding the impact of your strategy
  • You will have begun to discover leverage in your offering that had not previously been identified
  • You will have explored direct application of these tenets into your business
  • You will have a first draft roadmap to implementing your vision

“Tony has an innate ability to leverage the power of people. Initially engaged to work with the senior leadership team, Tony helped us to challenge ourselves and articulate our point of difference in what was a confused offering. Subsequently working with the team at all levels, he transformed mindsets from purely ‘execution’ to ‘trusted advisors’ and empowered individuals to own business development outcomes. I feel privileged to have the benefit of Tony’s ongoing counsel leading into my next challenge.”

David Burton
Divisional Director, COO – Pepper Property Group
Senior Advisor – Alternative Edge

“I am genuinely impressed with how you’re building a system to support a purpose led growth strategy and bring some rigour to the ROI and operationalisation of this.“

Lewis Pullen
Head of Marketing and Sales
iptiQ, The Swiss Re Group


Our offerings are designed to meet you wherever you are in your purpose, values and leadership journey.


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