Personal and Team Purpose

Harvard Business Review research makes clear that...


Executives surveyed said
a strong sense of collective purpose drives employee satisfaction.


Executives surveyed said
purpose can affect an organisation's ability to transform.


Executives surveyed said
purpose helps increase customer loyalty.

So, there is a firm agreement of the power of purpose in driving greater employee and team engagement.

But how do you make this happen?

The Personal and Team Purpose Program grows team member commitment to the visions and ambitions of your organisation.

The program

Program outcomes

Where the program has impact

It starts pre-program with a 10 minute on-line survey taken by your team members that identifies their individual “purpose type”.

We then deliver a 2-3 hour interactive workshop utilising agile methodologies to guide your team to…

  • Understand and explore their personal purpose type
  • Find the commonalities with their team-mates between their personal purpose types
  • Understand how purpose alignment and diversity is a driver of energy, commitment and innovation in teams
  • Understand their personal responsibility in bringing the organisation’s values and purpose to life for the experience of each other and customers
  • Leave with a personal strategy and commitment for putting what they’ve found into action
  • It’s been a learning experience underpinned by quality data, experienced facilitators and a high energy and engaging approach – they will be energised and excited
  • Purpose is now alive in the work and mindset of your people and their teams
  • Your teams can now see the connection between their personal purpose, each other and your organisation’s purpose
  • Purpose is no longer the statement on the wall…it is in their personal commitment to your vision.
  • Team building and team engagement
  • Training and kick-off meetings and conferences
  • Bringing mis-aligned teams together
  • Bringing new teams together
  • Mergers and change management projects
  • Launching your organisational purpose
  • Association membership engagement

“We have been working with Tony for the last 6 months and the team are loving the experience. Comments from the team such as “He helps us access what is there in front of us but we haven’t seen it” – “My interaction with our partners is so much easier and enjoyable now as we have a shared purpose”.

Shaun Hand
General Manager, AUS/NZ

“Tony has an impressive ability to advise and facilitate leaders and teams to discover and/or clarify their purpose. He connects authentically and creates the psychological safety necessary to do the deep work.”

Vince Pierce
Transformation Senior Executive


Our offerings are designed to meet you wherever you are in your purpose, values and leadership journey.


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