You can't wait for inspiration,

you have to go after it with a club.

Jack London

That's why we created PBE Happenings.

Different times call for different ideas but inspiration is found in the old truths.

Events are about creating your crew, your tribe.

And in times when you can't gather your tribe, we can help bring you together in new creative ways.

As you kick off 2021, we can connect your team to each other, your strategy and your purpose.

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Happenings allow your corporate event delivery in a virtual or hybrid world to be limitless, to be meaningful and to be purposeful.

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Hitch a ride to what matters to you and your tribe.

Your happenings.

Your locations.

Your purpose.

Happenings that have inspired us.


Performance Space is Australia's leading organisation for the development and presentation of experimental art, supporting artists to fearlessly test ideas, develop ambitious new work and share that work with national and international audiences.

Liveworks 2020 is a radical transformation of Performance Space's award-winning Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, responding to the turbulence and instability of our current moment through artistic leadership, creative thinking and supported gathering. In 2020 they centre the importance of gatherings and the connections and conversations embedded within them.

It is the perfect expression of not just making something happen. It's making it a Happening.


During online learning, Eisteddfod Dance groups were given the task of learning and performing an online virtual performance at home. The happening they created is absolutely incredible.

With over 140 performers and 300 submissions the girls take us on a journey, together through the virtual world. Although they are not physically sharing the stage, they are certainly connected and dancing together as one.

This is a simple idea that takes something that is important to a group of people and turns it into an activity that helps them to connect and create. The outcome that is at the heart of every great Happening.

Do you want to connect your tribe in 2021?

Our gift: 1 hour zoom workshop to help turn what you need to make happen into a Happening.

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